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We have been formulating Custom Motor
Fuel Fragrance for National Fuel Fragrance
brands for years.

We wanted to let you in on what has only
been available in the past to the
"Professional Racing Teams".

Fuel Fragrance is that "Little Trick" that
makes you different and stand out from the

If the Crowd Loves You, the Track Owner will
call You to make sure You are there!

Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance is a Premium Line
meaning it is a Stronger Formulation and the
Fragrances are Professional Quality.

The Wild Willy Line is a high performance,
clean burning, and completely mixing fuel

If you need something custom just for your
team, let us know and we

will formulate something exclusive just for
Safe for use in:
Safe for use in all internal combustion engines. (carbureted, fuel injected, or blown engines)
Safe for use in gasoline, methanol or diesel engines, 2 or 4 stroke, with or without nitrous.
Oxygen sensor safe. Best results can be obtained if used in systems without a catalytic
converter but will not interfere with or damage the catalytic converter.
Fuel Fragrance does not enhance or inhibit performance.

For use in an outdoor area only. Fuel Fragrance does not in any way make engine exhaust fumes safe to

Exhaust fumes contain deadly carbon monoxide among other deadly chemicals and in any situation
Fuel Fragrance can NOT make exhaust fumes safe to inhale.

Fuel fragrance is a novelty item and is intended to make obnoxious exhaust fumes more tolerable
in a clear outside air environment. Never intentionally inhale exhaust fumes.

Safety Instructions:

Eye and Skin irritant. In case of contact immediately flush with water for 15 minutes.
Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed drink plenty of water and
consult a Physician.

Keep away from Flames and Sparks. Spillage can remove paint or stain surfaces.
Wipe spills up immediately.  
Receive a FREE 4oz. Bottle of Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance with any Donation of $20.00 or More!