Blake's Story

On July 24, 2009 Blake fell victim to a freak accident. When Blake and his
friend Chris found out that a transmission they were working on would
require parts they did not have, they started to discuss a Nitrous Kit they
had removed from Blake's car he had purchased the year before. The
bottle was under a workbench and was never used since the cars
purchase. The bottle looked new and had an electric style bottle heater
on it when it was mounted in the car behind the passenger seat area. The
entire system had been removed and was not going to be used by Blake.
Chris made the comment that he wished he had brought his car and they
could put the Nitrous Kit on his car, so Blake told him to take it and try it
out. When Chris first removed the bottle from under the workbench he
stated that the bottle felt empty and sat it back down. Blake walked over
and placed it back under the workbench and a few moments later there
was an explosion. The explosion turned out to be the Nitrous Bottle. DOT
has had the bottle since two weeks after the accident and still has not
come to a conclusion of what caused all the micro fractures in the material
the bottle was made of. We will not speculate why the bottle failed and
our main concerns are with Blake.
Blake had to undergo over twelve operations on his left leg, right lower
leg, and left forearm. After all the operations Blake was left with an above
the knee amputation on his left leg, a skin graft on his right lower leg, and
a skin graft on his left forearm in addition to other stitches and nerve
Blake had to undergo Therapy to learn how to use his left hand again and
is now ready to overcome the task of walking again. Blake had no Medical
Insurance and all of his operations, prescriptions, Doctor's Visits, and
Therapy are out of pocket. Our goal is to get Blake back on his own two
feet and walking again. We ask that anyone that would like to make a
Donation to help us achieve this goal to Please do so.
Drag Illustrated Article
A New Beginning
Since the publication of Blake's story in Drag Illustrated, things have changed. Drag Illustated's own Will
Mandell has taken the steps in getting Blake and Denise Destin together. Blake traveled to Nashville, TN in
November and returned home with a temporary leg. Thanks to their efforts in doing what they have done,
Blake should be walking soon.
As we move forward with the process of me becoming able to walk again and regain my independence, one
thing has changed. I will continue to be treated and helped by the same great people I met in Nashville and am
Honored to be a witness to the development of their new non-profit organization known as the Robert N.
Pittman Foundation for Amputees. Rob and Denise are in the process of completing the final steps in this
endeavor and will have their Web site up soon. For more information, please contact: Denise Destin at
Drag Illustrated Article from Issue 51 March 2011
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